Vintage VW Road Trip Teaser

Here’s a little video Eric put together of our road trip. We didn’t really have much in mind for a video when we took the trip so we only got a little bit of footage. Looking back now I wish we had done more filming. I love watching it so much. It feels like glimpses of memories to me. I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Vintage VW Road Trip Teaser

  1. Awesome video April! Love the slo-mo and the accompanying music is nice too. Very professional. šŸ˜Š It’s very neat to see “live” video of a lot of the stills you shared previously on Instagram. Like the wind blown red hat and blue dress combo. šŸ˜Š Keep up the outstanding work! Can’t wait for more! Cheers, Jeff

    1. I’m glad you liked it Jeff! I think Eric did a great job for his first video. I always think its fun to see action video so you can get the full feel of the photos as well!

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