Live More Happy

On most days you can catch me in a tank top and a pair of yoga pants, if I’m not in a work uniform that is. My free time is usually spent outdoors or climbing or hiking somewhere, and for the most part I just want to be comfortable, and of course still look good. My latest obsession are these tank tops from Live More Happy. I literally live in these shirts, I LOVE them!

On top of being one of the coolest down to earth people I know, my friend has created a T-shirt company that represents everything I love and stand for. Their goal, as well as mine, is to inspire others to live a happier life full of purpose, gratitude, excitement, love and most of all fun!

Spread more love, live more happy, and give back.

Check them out on Instagram @livemorehappyco

Photos by Eric Fallecker, check him out on Instagram @eric_fallecker