What to Bring on a Climbing/ Camping Trip

So you’ve decided to go on a camping climbing trip! Do you need some help knowing what to bring with you? Well here’s a little list of things I always take with me when I go camping and climbing, two of my favorite things to do!

Of course there are a lot of things to consider when packing for any trip including when, where, how long, and of course what you plan to do while you’re out there. Deciding what to bring based off of what time of year you are going, what kind of terrain, weather, duration of your stay all play a factor in what you should bring. Are you car camping or hiking backcountry? For the purposes of this post I’m going to stick with the basic gear for a car camping climbing trip. I’ll get into more detailed trips later on down the road.




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Basic Camping gear:

  1. A good day pack or hiking backpack like this one I use from Gregory Mountain Products
  2. Lightweight Camping chair like this one from Fbsport
  3. Lightweight camping and backpacking Propane stove
  4. Water pump and purifier Katadyn Water Filter
  5. Always carry a First aid kit
  6. I always carry a basic Camping Knife, it comes in handy for a lot of things.
  7. Essential for me are Hand Warmers they are amazing life savers!
  8. Don’t forget Bug spray!
  9. Sunscreen!!!! I love this kind from Sun Bum
  10. Outdoor Led camp light, and headlamp
  11. Dehydrated Camping meals like, Backpacker’s Pantry are easy lightweight meals that won’t go bad and all you have to do is add boiling water!
  12. For easier car camping trips you can bring a cooler like this Coleman, and fill it with whatever you like! Again, it’s totally up to you on what you like to bring and what’s appropriate for your trip.
  13. High protein and nutrient rich snacks, Some of the ones I like are Trail Mix, Probar Meal bars, Justin’s Almond Butter,
  14. Camping cookware like this Stanley Cook set
  15. Water bottle or my favorite a Hydro Flask
  16. Warm clothing, Jacket, Gloves, Beanie, Socks, Baselayers
  17. A tent, the one I use is the super lightweight Big Agnes Fly Creek Tent
  18. Sleep comfortable with a Sleeping pad
  19. A good Sleeping bag
  20. Hammocks are an easy luxury to have outdoors. I highly recommend getting one!

Basic Sport Climbing Gear:

  1. Climbing shoes, I wear So Ill, and approach shoes from Evolv.
  2. A harness, Black Diamond makes a great one.
  3. Chalk bag like this one from Meta Chalk Bags
  4. And of course Chalk
  5. Climbing rope, I use a 60m, like this one from Black Diamond
  6. Rope bag by Black Diamond
  7. A couple packs of Black Diamond Positron Quickdraws 18cm
  8. Belay Device like the Black Diamond Big Air XP package
  9. Assorted Locking Carabiners, Black Diamond Twistlock Carabiners
  10. PAS, or a Personal Anchor System, like the one I use by Metolius
  11. Climbing Slings different sizes like these Metolius Slings
  12. Hand repair Salve for those climbing hands. I LOVE this stuff, Working Joe
  13. If you are Bouldering, I suggest this Crash Pad from Organic Climbing

That’s the Basics! Of course there will be more or less depending on YOUR trip, but I hope this is helpful enough to get you started!



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