Year in Review, Here’s to 2017!

So I’m a little late with the whole New Year’s post, resolution, year review and all that, cause this year is already starting off with a bang! I’ve barely had time to sit down and write about all the adventures I’ve been on! 2018 is going to be a rockin year I can feel it. I want to start out by saying that I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I definitely have some big goals for this year.


Red Rock, Vegas


Last year was so much fun. I met incredible people and did things I never thought I could or would do. Since July of last year I started getting serious about climbing and started going outdoors every weekend. Malibu Creek, Red Rock, Vegas, Joshua Tree, Bishop, New Jack City, Riverside Quarry, Tahquitz Idyllwild, Mammoth, Yosemite, we went everywhere within 5 hours of LA to climb every weekend. I’m learning and growing so much and I’m having a blast!


Already this year I’ve been busy. The year started off right away the second week of January with another VW trip with Vintage Surfari Wagons. This time they hired us on as crew members and we actually got to lead the group of 20 people in 11 VW busses out to Joshua Tree and Lake Havasu, AZ. Traveling with the VW fam is always so much fun! I lived out of a van for a week, was home for 24 hours then I flew out to Colorado for 2 weeks for Ouray Icefest and Outdoor Retailer. I’ll have to come back to each of those trips in a later post cause they were both unreal!


Photo of me from the first trip of the year with VW Surfari to Lake Havasu, AZ


Here I am ICE CLIMBING in Ouray, CO during Icefest, second trip of the new year!


Climbing at the Holy Grail at Lime Kiln Canyon, AZ

Last weekend we all traveled to the Nevada/Arizona boarder to hit up the Holy Grail at Lime Kiln Canyon for some epic climbing. This weekend we were camping and climbing in Bishop with a VW doing a takeover for Vintage Surfari Wagon’s Instagram. Next weekend I will be helping to host another Live More Happy campout in Malibu, as well as another Instagram takeover! The last Live More Happy campout was in November in Joshua Tree and it was such a big hit we decided to do it again but this time bigger! I can’t wait to share all of these adventures and more with you, cause they aren’t stopping and I’m not slowing down.


This past weekend in Bishop at the Hot springs.

I’m going to say it now in writing and put it out into the Universe…. This is the year I will travel out of the US and see the rest of the world!… ok, maybe not ALL of the world at once, BUT I will leave the US and it will happen THIS year. I’ve never been out of this country and it’s always been a dream of mine, so this year I’m going to make it happen. The universe works in mysterious ways… cause I’ve had an offer to go to Greece in June for a climbing/ sailing trip! So much to look forward to this year and I’m over the moon excited!

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite moments from this past year!

Here’s the first time I met Nikki, and also the first time climbing with another girl! Malibu Creek, CA

The Second time climbing with Nikki, and the crew at Malibu Creek

Bouldering at Stoney Point, Northridge, CA


First time in Red Rock, Vegas

New Jack City!!!

Malibu Creek Climbing and Clean up!

The Playa in Joshua Tree for Eoghan’s Birthday


Joshua Tree Crack Climbing

Live More Happy Campout in Joshua Tree



Mammoth, CA


Mammoth Hot Springs and Clean up


Halloween, Tomb Raider yeehaa!


Red Rock, Vegas for Halloween

Red Rock, Vegas for Thanksgiving

Bishop Craggin Classic, Women’s Clinic with Chelsea Rude


Exploring Pennsylvania visiting family on the East coast


Hanging out with Meg and Kaycee at Holcomb, Big Bear, CA

Echo Cliffs, Malibu CA

Hueco Wall, Santa Monica Mountains

Mount Olympus, Santa Monica Mountains


Christmas Eve with my amazing friends at Pirates Cove, Costa Mesa, CA

New Years Eve at Malibu Creek, CA


I’m beyond excited and optimistic about what 2018 will hold for me, and I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you! Happy New Year Everyone!