Work Hard Dream Harder

People are always saying things to me like, “I wish I had your life”, or ask me things like, “What do you do for work?” The truth is I work very hard for this life. Most of you don’t know but I spend Monday- Friday in a busy crowded restaurant as a Bartender and a Barista in two different restaurants. Serving is hard work, stressful, demanding, and draining, both mentally and physically.

The week days are filled with serving others, taking orders, making people’s day a little brighter, and doing my best to not let my mind wander to far off into the mountains while I make drinks. My days there are mentally and physically exhausting, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of energy and creativity left for myself. Yet still have to find time to go to the gym to climb and train, write, blog, take photos, reply to emails messages and comments, side projects, take care of the house, have any sort of social life, etc etc….

The weekends are my escape, my freedom from the chaos of LA, all the people, the noise, the drama. We get through each week daydreaming of our next adventure. After many years in the service industry, this is the only thing that keeps me going. Knowing that every weekend we will be on our way somewhere magical.

We are true dreamers, adventure seekers, chasing only moments not material things. We get by with only a few dollars to our name, usually just enough to fill the gas tank. This is the product of a dream and a love for something extraordinary. So when people say to me, “I wish I had your life”, I can’t help but think to myself, why can’t you?

So let me ask you….. What is your dream life?

P.S. Don’t forget to tip your servers. Don’t be an asshole 😉