Your Local Coffee Shop Girl

Can I have a regular skinny soy latte with no foam one pump of vanilla….actually I want that iced, but easy on the ice….and the milk…and can you put that in a small cup? Like a cappuccino? Omg you’re out of vanilla?! My life is over, you’ve ruined my day!


For half a decade now this has been my life. Working at a coffee shop has definitely taught me a lot about people, myself, patience, empathy, tolerance, kindness and humility. The time has finally come for me to move on from here. I’ve taken all I can from this job and I will carry it with me forever. 

Leaving security and comfort to purse my dreams and step out into the unknown is scary. But in order to grow and move forward one must take risks. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a long time and I’ve got to make more space for myself.  Working 2 jobs and training, climbing and all the side projects is just way to much. I’ll still be working the bartending job part time for now, but I’m excited to have a lot more time for myself. I’ll definitely have more time to work on adventuring and writing now, and in a few months Greece!

It’s time to take that step, reach those stars and never look back. Wish me luck y’all I’m going for it.