Morning Yoga Sesh

I’ve been playing around with balance and working on strengthening my shoulders and core. Yoga is such a great tool for climbing, and all aspects of life in general. Holding a handstand for more than a couple seconds has always been a huge challenge for me. Strengthening the core not only helps with handstands but so much of climbing is core work.

Opposition workouts are so important to counteract all the climbing I do. If I do to much climbing and not enough counter movements then I feel lots of stress in my shoulder. Since I’ve been doing this it’s made such a huge difference!

It’s fun to play around with things you’re not so good at and be able to fall and laugh at yourself. It’s all a practice, no need to take it so seriously. I encourage you to let go of expectations and have fun with your practice!

Song by: Nahko and Medicine for the People “Budding Trees”