I Fell in Love with Kos, Greece

At 3am I woke up and took the shuttle back to the airport in Athens where I flew to Kos, Greece. I arrived around 6am the sun was barely coming up. I was too early to check into my hotel room. The front desk guy was nice enough to store my bags so I could go and explore the town a little before my check in at 2pm. I took my laptop and walked through the quiet beach side town of beautiful Kos. It was such a nice change from the hustling bustling Athens. Kos was definitely more my style. I sat at a nice seaside restaurant and hotel and had the most amazing coffee and breakfast while I worked on my computer and did a little writing. After a few hours I strolled around and took in the sights in Kos.

I made it back to my hotel around noon. I was exhausted and ready to be in my room. The front desk guy could tell I was in desperate need of some sleep so he let me in the room a little early. As soon as he let me into the room I went out onto the balcony to take in the view and managed to lock myself out! Jet lagged and delirious I scaled down the side of the building from my 2nd floor balcony. I came around to the front of the building to see the man looking at me confused. I said I locked myself out on the balcony. He looked at me shocked and said, “Oh my! How did you get down?!” I just laughed and said its a good thing I’m a rock climber.

As we were walking back to my room so he could let me in again we passed by the housekeeper cleaning the next room. She was laughing. I guess she saw my little stunt. That was embarrassing. The man said sarcastically, “Now don’t lock yourself out again”. I smiled and shut the door and passed out for a couple hours. That evening I went out into the town again got diner and called it an early night. The next day I would be meeting up with Vertical Sailing Tour!