Climbing has become quite the obsession of mine. It’s been about 2 years since I started climbing seriously nonstop every week, traveling for climbing destinations instead of leisure, and expanding myself in every single way. I’ve become obsessed and passionate about learning and growing in not one but all styles of climbing.

I’ve been blessed to have such a great team of talented climbers for mentors. My friends are extremely knowledgeable and have been so supportive in helping me grow as a climber. Whether it be on the wall giving me beta or critiques on my form and how to be more efficient, to how to tie knots, build anchors, gear placement, climbing and crag etiquette, safety precautions, even books to read and videos to watch. We are always in contact through text everyday talking climbing and planning our next trip. I can always count on them to answer all my questions no matter how big or small.


Why do you need one?

I believe that having a mentor is so important. You need someone knowledgeable around to teach you the right way to do things. Not just to keep YOU safe, but for the safety and consideration of other climbers and how to respect the environment and climbing areas. For example when and where it is ok to climb after it rains.


How do you find a Mentor?

I have gotten a lot of questions about where to find a mentor. My advise is to go out and meet people. Talk to other climbers. Chances are you will find someone who has been doing it longer than you who would be happy to take you out and show you a few things. You may find a few of them! Find someone you can trust, who’s knowledgeable and just ask if you can join them. Pay attention and learn all you can. Not everyone will want the responsibility of teaching you all the time, but it is possible to gain knowledge from multiple people and resources.

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Here is a list of helpful resources:

The Rock Warrior’s Way is a great place to start or at any point in your climbing career. It is a great tool to use to overcoming fear and the mental side of climbing. The website also offers lots of training tools and helpful tips.

Golden State Guiding  is a great example of a guide service that does excellent things. They offer guided outdoor rock climbing service that brings a unique and authentic climbing experience to their clients facilitated by professional Guides and Instructors trained by the AMGA . Climb, Educate, Train and Inspire is their purpose. There are many more like these specific to your area.

Southern Nevada Climbers Coalition is another great site for info on the Red Rock areas. They have a great segment on why you shouldn’t climb sandstone after it rains. Read about that HERE

There is also Climbing Magazine. They are full of awesome articles like this one on How to Climb 5.12 They have training tips and all kinds of helpful stuff there.

Also check out your local climbing gyms. They are a great resource for tons of helpful information!

Good luck and Happy climbing!